Preschooling Articles for Parents: Guide your kid to the best preschool

As a parent of a preschooler, we know you have lots of doubts. Often a truckload of them. How important is preschool education for your toddler? Should you send your child to a preschool? Does preschooling affect a child's playtime? Even when you are sure that your child needs to attend a play school before he or she can move on to the kindergarten or elementary level, there are further questions to answer and problems to deal with. Nowadays, there are lots of good preschools in India, with many more coming up every day. Even if you go for only the big brands and reputed schools, there are still a plenty of them to choose from. Moreover, they compete so well with each other quality-wise, that choosing the best preschool for your child is not actually a child's play. What are the criteria of a good preschool? Which points and aspects should you consider when enrolling your toddler to a play school? How do you tell a good school from a bad one? Or, if you feel you have chosen the wrong one, what should you do? And it just does not stop here. You got to look at the curricula. The amenities. The cost. The cost-effectiveness. And a lot more.

This is where we can help. Don't just shoot in blank. Read our preschool articles for parents on early childhood education, be informed, and lead your child to a brighter future!

Signs of a Good Preschool: 7-point checklist to choose the best school for your kid

Checklist GIF ClipartHow to find out a good preschool? What are the signs of a good preschool? Nowadays in India, the early childhood education sector is a booming and buzzing business and you will find them at each block and every turn of the lane. As a parent, this vast magnitude is often confusing. How do you select the best preschool for your child? Should you go for a reputed chain, or should you trust the local educator-entrepreneur who might know you and your kids way better than any preschool franchisee? There is no fit-for-all answer to such questions: the criteria for choosing the best preschool for your children, and the logic behind it, may be quite different from mine.

10 reasons why preschooling is good for your child

Ten ClipartThe importance or necessity of preschool in shaping the future of a child is a debated topic. Theoretically, if you can nurture your kids at home yourself, there is nothing better. However, there are circumstances when you cannot and a preschool becomes necessary. Even if you can afford to give your child the valuable gifts of time, care, and attention, certain things may never be done if your child is home-taught. Indeed there may be some adverse effects of preschooling, but for the most, the good far outweighs the bad.

The Necessity of Play Schools: Do children really need preschooling?

Emoticon thinking clip artHow important are preschools? In India, toddler education is one of the fastest growing industries with more and more preschool franchises getting into business. Does that really have a legitimate cause? Whether children really need preschooling or not has been a controversy of our times, and there is no quick conclusion. The necessity of preschooling for Indian children has been debated over and over; some stated they are absolutely necessary while for others it is just another useless trend in vogue. Which one is true?
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