EuroKids Preschool Review: Fees structure, curriculum, admission process, age criteria

EuroKids Preschool LogoLooking for the best preschool for your child? EuroKids can be a good option. Since the inception in 2011, the number of EuroKids franchise schools in India has grown exponentially; at present they have 884 preschools in 311 cities and towns across the country.

The school offers both preschool and kindergarten programmes. To know more about age limit for admission, Eurokids preschool fee structure, syllabus or curriculum and other details, keep reading!

Age criteria for admission Euro Kids preschool

Now let us look at Euro Kids admission age in different classes. The play school offers both preschool and kindergarten programmes. The preschool is divided into Play Group and Nursery. The minimum age limit for Play Group is 1.8 years+ while Euro Kids nursery admission age is 2.5 years. The Kindergarten programme is divided into Euro Junior (Junior Kindergarten) and Euro Senior (Senior Kindergarten). The age criteria are 3.5 years+ and 4.5 years+ respectively.

Eurokids syllabus or curriculum for play group, nursery, kindergarten

Let us know tell you about what is child is going to get in a typical EuroKids play school. As mentioned above, they offer two schooling programmes divided in four categories. We will now discuss about the curriculum of each in detail.

EuroKids Play Group programme

The Play Group programme of Euro Kids preschool is suitable for children between 1.8 and 2.5 years of age. The main focus of this programme is to help the children master some basic skills required in school and life. With a structured day with stimulating activities and group interaction EuroKids ensures that children travel through the right path of inquisitiveness, exploration, and discovery. In the Play Group programme, children spend most of the day singing, dancing, laughing, and playing, while at the same time and exploring indoor and outdoor environments and learning from the same. Learning and growing at their own pace, the children are helped in building cognitive, motor, communicative, and social skills in the Play Group programme.

EuroKids Nursery programme

At the Nursery programme of Eurokids, children are taught some basic academic lessons like pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, and science. They are also taught social skills. The curriculum is divided in monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities to have better focus. Alongside, art, music, dramatic play and social interaction help the children at EuroKids nursery programme develop their self-esteem and creativity.

EuroKids Junior Kindergarten programme (Euro Junior)

The kindergarten programme is an extension of the learning experience in EuroKids that begins with Play School and Nursery. The Euro Junior programme focuses on helping children realise their inner potential. They learn and grow at their own pace, and are motivated to minutely observe the environment around them and learn from the same. Linguistic developments is also given attention, alongside developing fine motor skills and better cognitive abilities.

EuroKids Senior Kindergarten programme (Euro Senior)

The Euro Senior programme emphasises on vocabulary building as well as the application of concepts learnt in previous classes. The kids learn reading and writing, and complex subjects like maths are introduced considering that kindergarten is the stepping stone to formal schooling for a child. The senior kindergarten programme of EuroKids thus aims at increasing the language and mathematical skills of children while also trying to increase their attention span that will make them ready to kickstart their formal schooling and take loads of extensive and exhaustive future education.

EuroKids preschool fee structure for Play Group, Nursery, KG

Are you looking for information about EuroKids playschool tuition fees or admission charges? The Eurokids school fees vary depending on the location of schools as well as management decisions. If you are looking for accurate information, Euro Kids preschool fee structure is available from the admission counsellor at every branch, however, you have to pay a small fee to get a copy of that. This is probably to ensure that their fee structure is not misused or divulged to the public.

However, on a rough estimate, the tuition fees in Euro Kids preschools may range about 30 thousand rupees 1. Please note that this excludes other charges like transportation fees, annual fees, admission fees and so on. The one-time admission fee has to be paid during enrolling your child in the school for the first time.

A review in a website 2 gives us some rough idea about Euro Kids preschool fees from Play Group and Pre-Nursery; however, the data is a little old (for 2010-2011 session). The website has a review of the Euro Kids Preschool at DLF Phase –IV, Gurgaon, and according to them the fee structure is:
  • Cost of Admission Form: Rs. 100
  • Euro Kids Preschool Admission Fee: Rs. 10,000
  • Registration Fee: Rs. 2000
  • Refundable Caution Money: Rs. 1500
  • Annual Charges ( April 2010 to March 2011): Rs. 11,000. It can be paid in quarterly installments of Rs. 2750 per quarter.
  • EuroKids Preschool Tuition Fee per month: Rs. 2500
  • Transport Facility: Rs. 1000 maximum per month
It is important to note that EuroKids preschool fees are non-refundable. No amount, either in part or full, are refunded under any circumstances as per school's policy.

EuroKids Admission process: How to enroll your child in EuroKids Preschool Programmes?

So, how and when to take admission in EuroKids preschool? EuroKids Playgroup Admission is open almost throughout the year. However, admissions to Nursery, EuroJunior, and EuroSenior programmes close by the 31st of August. For each year or session, registrations open from January. It is advised to register well in advance because of limited seats, as limited number of students of each batch facilitates a better student-teacher ratio.

Documents required for EuroKids preschool admission

You will have to produce the necessary documents for admission in EuroKids preschool at the time of enrolling your child. You must give them a photocopy of the birth certificate and three recent photographs, alongside the duly filled application form. Also, as you need to furnish the vaccination details (BCG, DPT, OPV, MMR, DT, HBV etc.) of your child in the admission form, we suggest (not mandatory) that you carry at least the photocopies of documents relevant to your child's vaccination for verification purposes.

Download EuroKids Preschool Admission Form (PDF)

You can download admission form of EuroKids Preschool in PDF format from the official website. The URL link to download EuroKids form (PDF) is www [dot] eurokidsindia [dot] com [slash] parent [underscore] resource [slash] pdf [slash] Admission [underscore] Form [dot] pdf.

Got something special to tell us about EuroKids Pre-School?

You may post your EuroKids Pre-school Review as a comment below. Just make sure you include your real name and full postal address or contact number. Please post authentic, unique reviews only: no hate messages please! Remember that a positive, constructive criticism will help Eurokids as well as other preschools overcome their flaws, and evolve to serve your children even better!


  1. www [dot] eurokids [dot] co [dot] in [slash] euro-kids-school-fees [dot] htm
  2. parentingfundas [dot] wordpress [dot] com [slash] tag [slash] fee-structure-of-euro-kids

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Unknown said...

Hi i am Daisy. I need to know the annual fee structure for play group.

Kumar said...

Very nice school for kids. Good foundation of all the elements they impart in kids. We have joined our daughter in play group and she came out with very good overall development.

Kumar said...

Hello Mr Kumar, thanks for your comment. Since your daughter is in the play group, could you respond to the question of Daisy Naresh regarding Euro Kids Play Group annual fee structure?

Unknown said...

hello kumar thanks for the comments..i have the same question as daisy ..can yu pls tell the annual fee structure for play group.

Unknown said...

Cost of Admission Form: Rs. 100
Euro Kids Preschool Admission Fee: Rs. 10,000
Registration Fee: Rs. 2000
Refundable Caution Money: Rs. 1500
Annual Charges ( April 2010 to March 2011): Rs. 11,000. It can be paid in quarterly installments of Rs. 2750 per quarter.
EuroKids Preschool Tuition Fee per month: Rs. 2500
Transport Facility: Rs. 1000 maximum per month

Unknown said...

Are you speaking reality with current fee structures?

Rigga said...

I got my son admitted to eurokids chinchwad pune branch.
Total fee was 39250 which needs to be paid in 3 instalments(8k(at the time of admission),20k(april),11k(july).
Transportation is optional and will be charged separately .

Rigga said...

For playgroup fee is 31200 plus transportation if opted.

Unknown said...

i want to do Admission for my daughter this year what will be the fees for whole year .

Ranjani said...

Hi, I want to get admission for my son done at Euro kids which is newly getting opened at JP nagar 8th phase, Brookes haven layout from July 2017 for playgroup. I see that the branch is being setup still. When will it be fully operational and what is fee structure ? (I want the latest fee structure for year 2017-18.

Unknown said...

Pathetic attitude by pompous staff is what summarizes my take away after putting my daughter in this preschool in mira road. Teachers are unprofessional and lack sensitivity. Very disappointed with the school

raj said...

Hello, I am staying KR Puram. There is new building construction happening at Devasandra Main Road near to Radha krishna Temple. Can someone please let me know if anyone of your kid joined there and when are they start the classes? What is the fee model?

Thanks Inadvance

Unknown said...

schooling and professionals indulged in schooling should be clearly un-bios-ed from all head logs e.g pampous about branded school, i know you don't understand, money minded speaking business but what about neutralize teaching. other wise it is impossible to evolve/ notice a child's own natural ability which is dinamic

Sreenivas Dasari said...

Cost of Admission Form: Rs. 100
Euro Kids Preschool Admission Fee: Rs. 10,000
Registration Fee: Rs. 2000
Refundable Caution Money: Rs. 1500
Annual Charges ( April 2010 to March 2011): Rs. 11,000. It can be paid in quarterly installments of Rs. 2750 per quarter.
EuroKids Preschool Tuition Fee per month: Rs. 2500
Transport Facility: Rs. 1000 maximum per month

Unknown said...

Omg .... such fee??? I never thght that fee will go beyond 2 thousand or 5 thousand... here its crossing 40k... which world i wa living till date. Quite upset....

Unknown said...

Hello everyone,this April I got my boy enrolled in the playgroup section of Euro kids. The form cost Rs.150, Registration cost is Rs.1000, Welcome kit cost Rs.6000 and monthly fee is Rs.800. Since the government's implementation to reduce the admission fee in private schools they(school) have cut the admission fee of Rs.5000.
That's all.


My grand child 2 yrs old was in Europe's,green park extension, new delhi some months back.One day he came back from school & kept weeping the whole day & night. I enquired on phone from caretaker of school - SHREYA BABBAR what is the reason of non-stop weeping of child what had never happened earlier. But instead of sympathising & telling me,she started misbehaving & scolding me (Senior Citizen, a very senior Doctor). We tolerated all. The child was so traumatized that he didn't go to school for many days. With immense persuasion he was again started to be sent to school. After a month, one day he came back with his one upper frontal tooth missing. We understood that Shreya Babbar had taken revenge of earlier complaint by breaking his tooth. We didn't say anything to her in view of more drastic revenge from the child. We withdrew him & sent to other school where he kept standing the whole time inspite of immense requests by the affectionate teachers & principal. We confidentially found out from some staff of earlier Eurokids school that Shreya Babbar kept our child standing in a corner away from other kids. This is the worst behaviour of a caretaker of a pre- school. She is not fit for her job at all & psychologically deviated as clearly depicted by her cruel revenge from a 2 yrs innocent child. All the parents are advised not to take risk for their kids by sending them to her school. PROF.DR.H.C.BANSAL

Unknown said...

I want to know the fee structure for euro senior in Bangalore Whitefield for my son

Unknown said...

Hey hi this is padmini my self how much it might cost for some 3 /4 months of an admission to my daughter..

Parth Parwal said...


I got transferred to Gurgaon in Oct'18 and my child is currently in Nursery i n Meerut. Do Eurokidz will take admission in between the session for nursery? If yes then what are the clauses?

sushil said...

hi all,
I am planing to my daughter for Nursery. Can any body share the fee structure for Eurokids (Bibwewadi) pune?

Sangeeta said...

Hi All,
Can anyone share Euroschool Bangalore fee structure

lilly said...

Thanks for this useful blog.Montessori Schools in Velachery,Day care in Velachery provide the bright future.

Mohsin said...

Hi All,
Can anyone share Eurokids Bangalore fee structure for Nursery?

Unknown said...

hi all,
I am planing to my son for Nursery. Can any body share the fee structure for Eurokids (vijay nagar) Indore.

Unknown said...

What is the fee structure and transportation charges for Euro kids J P Nagar 8th phase Bangalore

Vijit said...

i am planing to admit my son for play school.can anybody share fee structure for eurokids seawoods sector 44A navi mumbai

Dr.madesh said...

please any body can send 2020 fee structure for nursery admission

Dr.madesh said...

please any body can send 2020 fee structure for nursery admission

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