T.I.M.E. Kids Preschool: Fee structure, syllabus, Timekids admission, age limit

Time Kids preschool logoT.I.M.E. Kids, or popularly Time Kids preschool, is a franchise play school chain initiative by T.I.M.E., or Triumphant Institute of Management Education Private Limited, an industry leader in entrance examination training with an experience and expertise of 22 years. If you are looking for the best preschool for your child, Time Kids may be considered a good choice. It has a significant presence especially in South India with more than 160 centers, with many more coming up soon across the country. Keep reading to more about how to take admission in Time Kids preschool, fee structure, curriculum or syllabus, age limit and other details you would like to know.

T.I.M.E. Kids Review: Why send your child to Time Kids preschool?

The short answer is, they have an excellent infrastructure, positive press reviews, and a lot of experience in the field.

An overview of the infrastructure in T.I.M.E. Kids preschools

Time Kids infrastructure includes separate spaces for indoor play, gym, art and craft, audiovisual teaching, activity , learning, as well as outdoor play. The indoor play area, as the name clearly suggests, includes lots of toys helping the development of their cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, as well as social abilities. The gym room typically contains trampoline, balancing beam, bowling alley and boxing bag. The ever-vigilant teachers are always there to ensure safety. The art and craft room has a self explanatory name: expect children remaining busy with crayons, paints, craft paper, sponge, stamps and other materials here! The AV rooms multimedia teaching aids; electronic items are carefully kept beyond the reach of the children. The activity room is an informal set up for storytelling, puppet shows, playing with soft toys etc. The outdoor play area has tricycles, pacers, slides, football posts and show on; but the sandpit and water pool usually rank highest in terms of popularity among the kids!

Learning rooms have different setups on different days. One day it can have the atmosphere of a jungle with pictures of wild animals, trees, flowers etc. Another day it can be the marine life. Depending on individual centers, these can be separate rooms with fixed setups, or thematically re-arrange the same room on different days.

Positive reviews and inspiring history

Coming from the T.I.M.E. Group, the top management has a vast experience in the education industry: the institute claims to have trained more than 13,00,000 students so far in more than 22 years. Well, that is some expertise you just cannot ignore! The brand has also been featured in the press media several times. To take a detailed look at the gallery, visit the Press section in their official website.

Time Kids Preschool Syllabus: Age wise curriculum for different classes

As already mentioned earlier, the ideal age for admission in Time Kids preschool is one and half years to two and half years, for getting your child enrolled in the Play Group class. As the student keeps growing and learning, he or she will be promoted to subsequent classes befitting his or her age. Given below is the detailed syllabus with age limit for different classes or standards.

Time Kids Play Group curriculum, age limit

The play group curriculum in Time Kids preschool is considered an extension of home, that encourages an atmosphere fit for developing habits like time away from parents, school habit and so on. Formal academics is not initiated in this class; the children rather learn through play and from the enriching environment around them. Age for admission is 18 months to 2.5 years.

Nursery class admission age, syllabus for Time Kids

The key to nursery class is imaginative learning. The nursery syllabus for Time Kids preschool includes hands-on activities, social interaction, art experiences, and play: methods of teaching deemed fit for children aged 2.5 to 3.5 years. Introduction to alphabets and numbers (1 to 10, or 1 to 20) are also given in this class. However, nursery is still not the beginning of formal education, so importance is given to the children's playtime.

Time Kids Junior Kindergarten (Pre Primary I) syllabus, ideal age

T.I.M.E. Kids pre-schools PPI program is the junior kindergarten class where children take the first step towards formal education from play learning. Since the aim of the kindergarten programme is to develop all-round social, pre-linguistic, and pre-mathematical skills in a child, emphasis is given to communication and building up vocabulary. Language skills like reading and writing of alphabet with phonics, and maths skills like numbering, counting, classifying and recognizing patterns are parts of the daily curriculum in Time Kids PP1 syllabus. The age criteria for this class is three and a half years to four years six months.

Pre Primary II (Sr. Kg.) curriculum for T.I.M.E. pre-school

Since the senior kindergarten is the threshold to formal academics, importance is given on developing the gross and fine motor skills of the children alongside enhancing their confidence and self dependency. This class is called Pre-Primary II or PP2 in Time Kids preschools where the syllabus includes more vocabulary lessons, recognition of rhyming words, learning simple sentences, counting and writing up to 20, applying pre-maths concepts to daily chores and so on. Field trips, life skills, art and music and similar cocurricular activities are also included in the course.


Time Kids Preschool: Fee structure for admission, tuition, transfer etc

There is no information about Time Kids preschool fees in the official website. It is not possible to mention a fixed fee structure as the charges are decided by the franchisees and not the management. So, if you are looking for accurate information on Time Kids fees, you should get in touch with the Centre Head(s) of the individual school(s) under their network. The official website says:

Tuition fee is specific to each center. The Center head at our play school will provide all the information at the time of enrolment.

While this is fine for most, sometimes you might just need estimated figures. If you are having two or more preschool options in hand, and fee structure is one of your deciding factors, you may want to have an estimations of expenses involved for taking a final decision. While most of the preschools do not officially disclose any fees structure as that is centre-specific, we may have some rough idea from browsing web forums, news articles, words of mouth and so on. They are not accurate figures but such estimates primarily help us choosing the best preschool for our kids. So, here are what we found from web forums and words of mouth. Remember, for accurate fees structure, always get in touch with the particular school.

Approximate admission cost, tuition fees for TIme Kids play school

  • A yellow-pages website, Atom Connect, mentions that approximate fees for Time Kids preschool in Bengaluru is Rs. 30,000 per annum.1
  • A 2012 article in The Hindu mentioned about Sam Kids, EuroKids, and Time Kids, and said that the fees ranged about 20 to 24 thousand. However, that was in 2012 and might have increased now.2
  • If you switch jobs, you may transfer your child from one branch of Time Kids to another for a nominal transfer fee.

Time Kids Preschool Admission: Info for parents to enroll their children

Admission in Time Kids preschools, unlike most of other institutions, are usually open throughout the year (provided that there are sufficient seats in a given class in a certain branch, of course). However, the best time to take admission in Timekids school is either at the start of the academic session in June, or during the commencement of the second term in October.

Time Kids admission process: step by step explained

Parents are always welcome to see the daily activities of children in any of the centers (and this is certainly an important quality factor for preschools!). If you want to know how to get your child enrolled in a Time Kids, the center head or the admission personnel will be able to provide you with detailed information in that matter. You have to download Time Kids preschool online admission form, and duly fill in. Submit it to the center along with a copy of proof of date of birth and 2 recent passport size photographs of the candidate. If the child had attended any other school before, the old mark sheet(s) has to be brought along as well.

Time Kids preschool email, address, contact phone number

For further information, apart from Time Kids Preschool Franchise inquiries, you are requested to contact the following:

Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.)
95B, Second Floor,
Siddamsetty Complex, Parklane, Secunderabad
PIN - 500003.
Phone number: 040-27898194/5
Fax: 040-27847334
Email address: info [at] timekidspreschools [dot] com


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