Kidzee Preschool Fees Structure: What is the cost of admission in Kidzee?

Kidzee Preschool LogoKidzee, one of the best preschools in India, boasts over 1500 centers in more than 550 cities. As with many other preschool chains, the admission cost and tuition fees of Kidzee preschools vary from city to city.

However, the official website of Kidzee does not clearly mention anything about Kidzee preschool fees; they suggest you to contact your nearest Kidzee for more information.

Where to get information about tuition fee of Kidzee preschool?

While contacting your nearest Kidzee (as suggested in the official website) for getting information about admission cost, tuition fees, and so on is always the best and recommended way, it may not always be possible. Especially, when you are doing a research about available preschools in your locality and trying to do a comparative study, it may not always be possible to physically visit the school and collect information.

To add to the woe, the Find Your Nearest Kidzee link on the FAQ page of the official website redirects to their franchise enquiry form. However, the Center Locator page (www [dot] kidzee [dot] com [slash] center-locator) gives you the contact address and a map of your nearest Kidzee preschool. There you can see your convenient Kidzee preschool's contact number and email address: pick up the phone or shoot them an email to have accurate information on Kidzee play school fees.

Estimated cost of admission in Kidzee preschool, tuition fees

If you cannot contact the desired branch of Kidzee preschool for correct information about school fees, the only probable alternative is to do some research online and see what people are saying. Hold on, we have done that for you. Remember, your local Kidzee school fees can greatly vary; this is only a hypothesis based on the information gathered from various websites, brought together at one place for your convenience.


Here is a Kidzee preschool fee structure for 2015-16

The DDM Public School, Korba, Chhatisgarh, runs a Kidzee as well; you can visit their website at ddmgroup [dot] org [slash] kidzee. the following information has been gathered from their official website. While fees of other branches can vary, you can at least have a rough idea about Kidzee preschool fees from the current academic year's (2015-16) fee structure as given in the official website of DDM Kidzee, Korba.
  • Registration Fee: Rs. 500
  • Admission Fee for a new student: Rs. 5000
  • Quarterly tuition fee: For PG it is Rs. 4315 and for Nursery, Jr. KG and Sr. KG it is Rs. 4765.

Some data available online regarding Kidzee preschool fees and admission cost

  • An article posted more than a decade ago in The Times of India stated that Most pre-schools that are considered good charge anywhere between Rs 15,000-17,000 per annum ... KidZee charges Rs 15,500 per annum. However, that was more than a decade ago, and one can easily assume that the charges have increased these days.
  • A forum post in about Kidzee Kankroli, Rajsamand, let us know that Mr. Sandeep Vijay deposited a fees of Rs. 12700/- which included Admission Charges, Annual Charges, Child kit, Tuition fee of Aug. 2015 and Van Charges.
  • A forum post in says that the annual fee of Kidzee is Rs. 4500, tuition fee 600 - 1000 per month, student kit: 675, and application form: 125. Two other forum posts and and say exactly the same. However, we doubt that this information may be wrong or outdated, and actual admission and tuition fees of Kidzee preschools on an average are much more than that.
So here we tried to give you a rough idea about Kidzee fees, however as already mentioned above, it is best to check with individual Kidzee schools for correct information as the fees may greatly vary.

Do you know how much does admission in Kidzee cost?

Are you a Kidzee parent? Have you enrolled your child there? Then you must have some experience and information about admission fees, tuition fees etc. Please help your fellow parents. Just spend a minute to post a comment below and let others know the fee structure of your local Kidzee play school!


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Unknown said...

i just checked the fees in kidzee bopal branch todau and its around 36000/- rs for nursery including everything and that is per annum

Unknown said...

No, they do charge some development fee as well, which sort of fee is that .. first time 26000 that include fee for first month and then 3000 per month i.e. 36000..

Unknown said...

I have got my son admitted in navi mumbai. . They have charged 43k ..payment made in full. .Else it is 47K if made in installment..too expensive

Unknown said...

In Kidzee they are taking 42200 per annum Bangalore at hennur. It is so expensive .

Unknown said...

Kidzee charges 36000 for preschool which is highly overpriced

Unknown said...

I inquiry at PUNE talegaion its 26000 Annual for PG

Unknown said...

Can anybody share the updated fee structure for LKG in Kidzee?


Kidzee chinar park ,kolkata admission fee for Nursery, including devlopment charge, Annual session fee, miscellaneous charge etc is Rs. 17300/-, quarterly tuition fees is Rs. 4350/-.

चिरकुटरावांचे किस्से said...

Worst one ! I asked about jr kg admission at ahemdabad centre for my son (I asked on phone as currently im in mumbai) they refused giving any information on phone . Then I sent my brother there inspite of personal approach they have not given any valuable information regarding fees structure they put forth a condition of taking test of my kid instead and then they said they will decide and allow weather he is capable for admission to jr kg or not.this is rediculous why they are hiding fees every time?

Unknown said...

Kidzee me har jagah yahi haal hai..high fee .

Chhatishgarh Korba city Kidzee per month 2000 Dena hai..
Agar time se nahi diya to 100rs per day late..

Unknown said...

Kidzee me har jagah yahi haal hai..high fee .

Chhatishgarh Korba city Kidzee per month 2000 Dena hai..
Agar time se nahi diya to 100rs per day late..

Unknown said...

I just admitted my daughter to nursery in kidzee pune. N charges are 32000/- per year n 1500 or 2000 annual function charges and van charges are still left. N tough part is they are taking complete fees in advance before the classes start.

Clone International School said...

Thanks for your information about fees structure for playschools Top Play School in Bangalore | Preschool & Day Care in Bangalore | Pre School in Bangalore

Raj said...

This school is very much money minded should not put our childs in this school they are the real looters who will suck your hard earned money day by day

Siddharth said...

it is 30000 Half Yearly in Navi Mumbai
2K for Bus facility
1.5K for enrolling fees

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