Maple Bear Canadian Preschool: Fee structure, curriculum, admission process, age limit

Mapple Bear PreschoolWant your child to get enrolled in one of the top preschools in India? Maple Bear provides a fun and cooperative environment which aims of bringing the Canadian early learning methodologies from toddlers level to senior kindergarten level. Before you enroll, know about Maple Bear preschool fees structure, admission process, age limit, syllabus and more.

Maple Bear Preschool Curriculum and Syllabus

Maple Bear has an exceptional curriculum which is designed to stimulate creativity, imagination and self-expression on budding children. Maple Bear elementary program core curriculum includes English Language arts, Mathematics, Science. Maple Bear follows Canadian curriculum developed by early childcare researchers which facilitate learning with a twist of fun that helps towards the overall development of the child.

Maple Bear Programme courses and admission age criteria

Let's see an insight of programs offered at Maple Bear and admission age criteria.

Early Toddler is for children from 12 to 24 months of age where the children are in a safe environment playing with other children helps in better communication and sharing.

Toddler Programs is for children aged 18 months and above. At this age, the children acquire cognitive and fine motor skills. Their language skills will rapidly develop.

Nursery programs are for children aged 2½ Year and above. At this age, their cognitive skills will be strengthened which develops self-confidence and they are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn.

Junior Kindergarten programs are for children aged 3½ Years and above. The program is designed to challenge as the children learn more and experience more. The children work within a group which inculcates sharing and cooperation.

Senior Kindergarten programs are for children age 4½ Years and above. SKG curriculum of Maple Bear is tailored to meet children's individual needs and the standard of the content helps the children's to excel at the next level.

Maple Bear also offers unique programs for Moms & Tots, English plus programs, Saturday programs, Summer camps.

Maple Bear Preschool Fees Structure: Admission and registration fee, course fee

There is no information available about Maple Bear fee structure on their official website. Maple Bear admission charges is also not known, however, it varies according to the location of the center, the number of hours. However through various sources and from online forums we have gathered that the estimated cost of tuition fees for Maple Bear is about Rs.8300. As your local maple bear school fees may vary it is best to directly approach them for accurate information. If you are a parent of Maple Bear kid and know about fee particulars, you can help your fellow parents by providing the information on the comment box provided below.

Maple Bear preschool admission form, procedure and documents required

Maple Bear admission process is very simple. Visit the official website of Maple Bear select the region and fill out the admission enquiry form provided there. At the time of admissions at Maple Bear, documents such as the copy of child's birth certificate, address proof, photos of the child and the parents are to be submitted.

Do you have a question about Maple Bear preschool?

Admission enquiry: Please visit the official website of Maple Bear at www[dot]maplebear[dot]in and fill out the admission enquiry form. Upon receiving your query, you will be contacted by concerned authorities, who will help you with Maple Bear admission process, application form etc.

Franchise enquiry: Interested to be a part of Maple Bear? Know more about Maple Bear franchise opportunities in India.

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