Little Millennium Preschool: Fee structure, admission process, curriculum, age criteria

Little Millennium Preschool LogoAre you looking to enroll your child in Little Millennium? Preschool is your child's first big step into the world. To make it wonderful ensure you choose the right Play School. Little Millennium is one of India's leading chain of Preschools backed by the expertise of the education company, Educomp the education conglomerate. Here is the review of Little Millennium preschool, admission age, student-teacher ratio, the curriculum of Little Millennium, fee structure etc. to know whether Little Millennium preschool will be a right fit for you and your child.

About Little Millennium Preschool: Features, infrastructure, student staff ratio, school timings

Little Millennium is one the largest and fastest growing preschool brands in India with over 350+ preschool centers across 65 cities with a student strength of over 15000 and the number is growing.

With regard to infrastructure, Little Millennium centers have cognitive room, language room, activity room, classroom, fine motor room, socio-emotional room, gross motor area, play area, creativity corner with display boards, splash pool and a gym. Overall, Little Millennium preschool centres have a perfect blend of style, ambience, child friendliness, a safe and hygienic environment which is backed by quality teaching and world-class learning aids which all makes Little Millennium a Premier Preschool in India.

In terms of safety and security measures at Little Millennium preschool, all the centres adopt restricted entry into the school premises. All the premises is under CCTV surveillance, fire extinguishers, and first aid kit are available at all centres. Parents can share their concerns and feedback on safety and security issues through Little Millennium's customer care mail id.

Little Millenium has well-trained preschool teachers. At Little Millennium preschool, the student-teacher ratio is 10:1. The preschool timings differ from centre to centre but are usually from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. The academic term cycle is April-March. But it might differ from location to location.


Little Millennium Preschool curriculum or syllabus

The curriculum of Little Millennium is designed and developed by experts and experienced early childhood educators of Educomp's R&D Team. Little Millennium follows an award-winning Seven Petal preschool curriculum which follows the Eclectic Approach towards the early childhood education. The Seven Petal Curriculum focus on seven key development areas of children such as Cognitive Development, Nurturing Individual Potential, Gross Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Socio-emotional Development, Personal Awareness and Language Development. The Eclectic Approach that puts together the best features of Project Method, Montessori Method, Theme Based Method, Multiple Intelligence, Play Way Method. Over the years, Little Millennium have won several awards including the "Best National Chain" for "Innovation in Early Childhood Education" at the Indian Education Awards, 2013.

Moreover, Little Millennium has launched India's first ever unique sports curriculum for preschoolers called Kickers Club. Little Millennium Kickers Club Sports Curriculum is uniquely designed for kids in 3 to 6 years of age to showcase their abilities.

Little Millennium play school programme courses with admission age criteria

To bring out the best in every child, Little Millennium Play School activities consists of fun filled, entertaining, knowledge intensive learning activities like story telling, role play, recitation, hand painting, clay moulding, puppet show, field trips, story yoga, arts and crafts, stage exposure, memory game etc which makes the kids play, learn and grow. Let's see about Little Millennium play school program courses.

Little Millennium play school consists of four program levels: Developing Roots, Emerging Wings, Ready to Fly 1, Ready to Fly 2. Let us see in detail.

Developing Roots/Playgroup: Admission age for Little Millennium Playgroup is 2 to 3 years. To overcome separation anxiety Kids are given special care and attention and make them involving in fun-filled activities to match up their growing desires.

Emerging Wings/Nursery: Admission age for Little Millennium Nursery is 3 to 4 years. Here the children learn to speak and write alphabets, speak simple sentences. To encourage their creativity story-telling sessions and circle time sessions will be conducted. Role play and group games make them know more about themselves and others in the team.

Ready to Fly I/Lower KG: Admission age of Little Millennium Lower Kindergarten is 4 to 5 years. This program helps the children to the next level of socio-emotional development. Here the Kids are encouraged to read and write long vowels, blending, rhyming, comprehension. At this level, 2nd language is also introduced to them. Participating in games and other activities helps them to interact with others.

Ready to Fly II/Upper KG: Admission age of Little Millennium Upper Kindergarten is 5 to 6 years. This program helps the children for formal schooling. Here they learn addition and subtraction, ascending and descending, learn about ordinal and cardinal numbers etc. This level helps them to a smooth transition to a higher level.

Little Millennium Preschool Fees Structure: Admission process, registration fee, course fee

Admissions at Little Millennium play school is open for the age group of 2 to 6 years. As said earlier the academic term cycle is April-March which differs from location to location. But they accept admissions during mid-year for Playgroup and Nursery. Little Millennium does not conduct any exams or interviews for the admission process. For admissions at Little Millennium, parents can make a visit to the nearest Little Millennium center to have a word with the admissions counselor who will guide for further process. Else parents can fill the contact details form available at the official website of Little Millennium. Upon filling the details they will get a call back from Little Millennium, where they can schedule an appointment or get clarified with their doubts.

The fee structure for Little Millennium play school is nowhere mentioned in the official website. But through online sources, we got a hint of Little Millennium preschool fee structure. We came to know that the tuition fees for Little Millennium vary from Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 per month which depends on the location, management decision etc. If you come across about Little Millennium preschool fees, please let other parents know by posting a comment below.

Little Millennium Play School Centers in India

If you are looking for Little Millennium play school centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore or in any other cities, use Little Millennium centre locator available at the official website of Little Millennium to get your nearest preschool center.


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Unknown said...

Little Millennium is a brand whome we can trust everytime. they take care of kids desire. They are very understanding and experience staff. Teachers are very much humble and caring and patience.

Unknown said...

My child Aryaman has recently completed his Second year of schooling. I thought it was indeed time to pen this letter and express my gratitude for the hard work and efforts that you and your teachers put in each day.
To be honest, I have had to overcome immense personal anxiety in handing the responsibility of my child to an entity outside home. Thankfully, all my anxieties and worries have turned out to be totally unfounded. Seeing the positive changes in my child, I am truly convinced of my decision to enrol him in Little Millenium Undri and the teaching values that your school adheres to.
He was a very shy and a quiet child until he started attending Little Millenium. Given his solitary nature, my wife and I would constantly worry about how he would ever open up to people and make friends. However, beyond the first two weeks that he took to adjust to the totally new environment at LM School he has enjoyed each and every day of school.
I really appreciate the way teachers help him with activities that he always dreaded (painting with colors, group activities etc come immediately to my mind). By making the classes so friendly, innovative and cheerful, you all helped him develop a keen liking for these activities. I also thank you all for encouraging him to participate in events (such as field trips,football tournament etc), which he thoroughly enjoyed.
As a parent, I have found the teachers and school administration to be very receptive to my concerns and proactive at resolving them. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I again would like to share my compliments and thanks for all your wonderful efforts!

Unknown said...

the fees in navi Mumbai is around 45000 per year and it's around same in magarpatta pune

Rahul More said...

I paid 61500 per year for playgroup (DR.) for Kharadi Pune.
But the fees for Viman Nagar is only 37500.
Seems like LM asks lot from IT people.

manju said...

we paid 50000 per annum 2018 in bangalore malleswaram

a new parent said...

looks like 60 per annum is the average fee.

Unknown said...

Little Millennium Preschool fees for Nursery how much per annual in Hyderabad location

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