Tree House Preschool: Admission process, fee structure, curriculum, age criteria

TreeHouse PreschoolIf you are considering Tree House Preschool for your child to enroll with, then here is the review of TreeHouse play school which helps you in detail to know about TreeHouse Preschool admission age, student teacher ratio, curriculum or syllabus of Tree House preschool, fee structure, school timings, infrastructure, safety and security and so on.

About Tree House Preschool: Infrastructure, facilities, student staff ratio, school timings

TreeHouse is India's largest self-operated preschool chain has a strong geographical presence of about 720 preschools across 103 cities in India. Mr. Rajesh Bhatia is the Managing Director of Tree House. The top brands in playschool segment, the Tree House offers playgroup, nursery, junior KG, senior KG, day care services, teacher training, summer camp and activity/hobby class services. In 2009, The Tree House ventured into the K-12 segment providing management services to 24 schools. In 2013, it has launched "Global Champs" the preschools for underprivileged children.

When we look at the teaching methods, Tree House reflects a combination of both the methods Montessori and the Playway.

Tree House preschool gives prime importance to the safety of the children. The rooms are clean, spacious and airy, there are separate washrooms for kids and staff. The play school is well equipped with scientific and modern teaching equipment. The outdoor areas are completely fenced.

In Treehouse playschool, student teacher ratio is 14:1. The school timings for Tree House preschool is 9:15 am to 11:15 am and 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

TreeHouse Preschool curriculum or syllabus

The curriculum of Tree House reflects a combination of both Montessori and Playway methods thereby balancing learning with fun. The syllabus of TreeHouse play school is designed in such a way as to develop the social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth and development of the child.


Tree House play school programme courses with admission age criteria

Tree House preschool consists of four classes: Playgroup, Nursery Junior Kindergarten, and Senior Kindergarten. Let us see in detail.

Playgroup: TreeHouse Playgroup admission age is 1½ years to 3 years. Here the children learn through fun activities thereby acquire skills in Language, Math, Gross and fine motor skills, Social, Emotional and cognitive skills, Aesthetic/Creative skills. The main focus area is on building cognitive power, nurturing creativity, the children learns to communicate with others, make new friends.
Tree House Playgroup Timings: 2 hours.

Nursery Programme: Tree House nursery program admission age is 2 ½ years to 3 ½ years. The nursery program is a smooth transition to the formal school where they play with the regular use of Montessori equipment. The syllabus of TreeHouse nursery program consists of Language writing and reading, Math, Environmental studies, Social, Emotional skills, Cognitive skills includes conceptual, Mathematical, Sensory and General Knowledge.
Tree House Nursery Timings: 2 hours.

Junior KG: TreeHouse Junior Kindergarten admission age is 4 years to 5 years. The focus of Junior KG is to equip children with right skills for the smooth transition for a higher level. The syllabus of TreeHouse Junior KG includes Language, Math, GK, Science, Hindi, Environment Studies and acquire skills in Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Aesthetic/Creative Expression.
Tree House Junior KG Timings: 3 hours.

Senior KG: Treehouse Senior Kindergarten admission age is 5 years to 6 years. The syllabus of Tree House Senior KG includes Language-Writing skills, Math, General Knowledge, Environment Studies, Science, Hindi and acquire skills in Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Aesthetic/Creative expression.
TreeHouse Senior KG Timings: 3 hours.

Tree House Preschool Fees Structure: Admission process, registration fee, course fee

Admissions at Tree House play school are open throughout the year. The academic year is divided into terms. So the parents have the flexibility in choosing the term and batch. For Tree House preschool admission you need to visit the nearest TreeHouse centre along with 8 passport size photographs of the child and copy of the birth certificate.

Tree House fee structure is nowhere mentioned in the official website. But however secondary sources says that the fee for Tree House play school ranges from Rs.40,000 to around Rs.60,000 a year. But the tuition fees at Tree House may vary at each centre depending on the area and the cost of operations. If you do come to know about Treehouse preschool fees, please let other parents know by posting a comment below.

Do you have a question about Tree House preschool?

Admission enquiry: For queries related to Tree House preschool admission process and for application form visit the official website of Tree House and select the nearest Tree House centre so as to visit them in person for admission process.

Franchise enquiry: Want to take up a franchise of Tree House? Read to know about Tree House Preschool franchise opportunities in India.


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