Gurukul Preschool: Fee structure, admission process, curriculum, age criteria

Gurukul Play School FranchiseLooking to enroll your child in Gurukul preschool? Finding the right preschool for your little one is an important decision as it is your child's first step towards learning. To make your task easier, we have made an attempt to provide a review on Gurukul Preschool, fee structure, admission process, Gurukul preschool curriculum or syllabus, age criteria, student staff ratio etc which helps you to pick up the best preschool for your child.

About Gurukul Preschool: Infrastructure, facilities, student staff ratio, school timings

Established in 1997, Gurukul Preschool has emerged as one of the most well-respected preschool chains in India with over 12 centres. In terms of infrastructure, Gurukul preschool provides a creative environment with attractive exteriors and kids friendly interiors. Gurukul preschool has a dining room, spacious air-conditioned classrooms, activity room, audio visual room, ballroom, skating ring, dramatization room, splash pool, computer lab, outdoor play area etc.

Gurukul preschool offers transportation services within 5 kms radius. The centers have CCTV cameras installed and monitored.

In Gurukul preschool, the student-teacher ratio for playgroup is 10:1 and 12:1 for nursery and 14:1 for pre-primary and all the teachers are well experienced and trained. The school timings for Gurukul preschool is from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.


Gurukul preschool: Curriculum or syllabus, programme courses with admission age criteria

Let's see Gurukul preschool curriculum, programme courses to know what your kid will learn in Gurukul Preschool. Consists of Playgroup, Nursery, Pre-Primary classes. The method of instruction is playway.

Admission age for Gurukul Play Group: 1½ to 2 Years.
Admission age for Gurukul Preschool: 2 to 3 Years.
Admission age for Gurukul Nursery Classes: 3 to 4 Years.

Hobby classes groups are for kids in the age between 3 to 14 years. Apart from the above Gurukul also offers Day-care services for which the hours of operation are Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Gurukul preschool follows age-specific, chid-centric curriculum in the following areas.

Focus on Learning: Here the kids will start scribbling, having fun in playing with clay, sand and with blocks, learning to identify colors and shapes. They will learn arts and crafts, singing and dancing etc.

Focus on Activities: It includes story-telling, exercise, and games, fun at splash pool, role plays, puppet shows and more.

Multimedia-based learning: They will be introduced to new concepts, everyday objects, rhymes, stories etc.

Focus on Social Growth: They will learn to be in a team, they will be taught on table manners, sharing and celebrating with the peer group, learn computers, skating lessons, singing etc.

Outing: They will be taken out for museums, parks, post office, fire station etc.

Gurukul Fees Structure: Admission process, registration fee, course fee

For admissions at Gurukul, parents have to visit in person to collect the application form for Gurukul preschool. At the time of admissions, they need to produce xerox copy of the child's birth certificate.

The official website has not mentioned anything about the fee structure of Gurukul Preschool. They have mentioned that Gurukul preschool fees will be decided based on the facilities, set up and location of the school. The tuition fees for Gurukul preschool includes field trips, annual days, celebrations etc.

We hunted online forums to get a hint of Gurukul preschool fee structure. One of the parents has shared that she paid approximately Rs.4500 as fees for Gurukul Preschool for her kid but as said above, the exact course fees for Gurukul preschool will be known at the time of admissions. If you do have any information about Gurukul preschool fees, please let other parents know by posting a comment below.

Do you have a question about Gurukul preschool?

Admission enquiry: For queries related to Gurukul preschool admission process and for application form visit your nearest Gurukul preschool center.

Franchise enquiry: Interested in joining hands with Gurukul Preschool? Read on to know about Gurukul preschool franchise investments, requirements and application process.


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