Little Elly Preschool: Fees structure, curriculum, admission process, age limit

Little Elly LogoDo you want to enroll your little bundle of joy at Little Elly preschool? If yes, then this review on Little Elly preschool might help you to know about its admission procedure, curriculum or syllabus, admission age limit, fee structure and other such details. Established in 2005, Little Elly is the fastest growing preschool chain in India has a network of more than 150 branches across India. Let's move on to the next part with regard to the facilities, safety measures, student staff ratio etc.

About Little Elly preschool: Features, infrastructure, student teacher ratio, school timings

The Concept Preschool Little Elly is a noble initiative of Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd in association with Glen Tree (UK) providing high-quality education to the children. The infrastructure of Little Elly is very attractive, inviting and provides kids friendly environment. Students safety and health is the top priority of Little Elly. The school has a neat and child-safe pantry, themed classrooms, Montessori space, international level of toys, books, activities and games, arts & crafts, early learning program room, reading corner, sandpit, outdoor play areas, a stage for music and movement, clean toilets, CCTV surveillance and so on. The school provides transport facility and also has daycare facility on both monthly as well as per day basis.

The class size and teacher-student ratio at Little Elly are as follows.

Toddler Program - Student-Teacher ratio is 5:3
Playgroup Program - Student-Teacher ratio is 15:3
Nursery - Student-Teacher ratio is 18:3
Lower KG - Student-Teacher ratio is 20:3
Upper KG - Student-Teacher ratio is 20:1

The school timings for Toddler are 10:30 am to 12:00 noon, 9:00 am to 11:00 am for Playgroup, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon for Nursery, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm for LKG, and 9:00 am to 2:00 pm for UKG programs.


Little Elly Preschool curriculum or syllabus with admission age limit

The Little Elly makes use of multi-age curriculum and their teaching methodology is based on the best principles of Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner. In the Montessori approach, the children are encouraged to involve in physical activity instead of listening to lectures. In the Steiner approach, the students are made to involve in group activities that are taught in a traditional classroom environment. In short, the framework of Little Elly works on the following four domains of development in a child viz Personal and social development, Physical development, Cognitive development, Creative expression/aesthetic development.

The programs at Little Elly is classified into 4 levels as follows.

Toddler Program: The admission age for Little Elly Toddler Program is 1+ years. At this level, they teach them good habits and gives toilet training. The key areas covered in the Toddler curriculum at Little Elly is stimulating fine and gross motor coordination skills, encouraging positive peer interaction, building communication, learning art, music and play.

Playgroup Program: The admission age for Little Elly Playgroup program is 2+ years. The key areas covered at this level is understanding of mathematical concepts, learning by play and exploration, theme-based learning, equipping with language skills and they will be taken part in activities like sand play, water play, reading, puppet shows, reading and so on.

Nursery Program: The admission age for Little Elly Nursery program is 3+ years. Here they are focused on thematic activities, develop strong reading and writing habits, enhancing fine and gross motor coordination skills. They take an active part in the drama, festivals and special day celebrations, taken on field trips to the local park, florist etc.

Kindergarten Program: The admission age for Little Elly Kindergarten program is 3 to 5 years. This program grooms the kids for a smooth transition into full-time formal schooling. This level is focused on theme-based activities while developing the academic skills. The key areas covered at this level are cognitive development, understanding mathematical concepts, optimizing language skills, building team management skills, focus on creative arts through art, music, and play. They were taken to field trips to the zoo, vegetable market, planetarium etc.

Little Elly preschool fees structure: Admission process, registration fee, tuition fees

For admissions at Little Elly playschool, the academic year starts from June. However new admissions may be taken throughout the academic year and admission is based on available spaces. Priority will be given to neighborhood children or where there are siblings already studying in the school.

To collect the admission application form you need to visit the school in person and have to get the admission brochure by paying Rs.150. The completed application should be submitted to Center Head or Coordinator with documents such as one copy of medical/immunization record, five passport size photographs of the student and one copy of student's birth certificate. For UKG admissions apart from the above, you need to provide a letter of reference from the most recent school attended.

The approximate annual fees for Little Elly is Rs.42,000 and the annual fee covers all the field trips and ex-curricular activities. The fee can be paid in full or installments as advised by the center. But however, the exact registration fees and tuition fees for Little Elly will be known at the time of admissions.

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