Sanfort preschool review: Fee structure, curriculum, admission age limit

Sanfort Preschool ReviewWant to enrol your child at Sanfort Preschool? Choosing the right preschool for your child can be exciting as well as daunting. As a parent, you want to be confident in making the best choice. Are you sure that Sanfort playschool is a good fit for your child? To know, here is a review of Sanfort Preschool and its fee structure, admission process, age criteria, the method of teaching, student-teacher ratio and other questions you might have to ask on a preschool.

What is the educational philosophy or teaching method of Sanfort preschool?

The curriculum of Sanfort preschool is based on U.K. Concept teaching methodology. Various role play models of Sanfort play school makes the study fun and joy for the children. The school provides digital learning through smart classrooms with child-friendly software where the children learn through a multi-touch panel. Sanfort is the only preschool chain in India with "True Smart Learning System".

What is the look and feel of the School?

The look and feel of the school are very warm and inviting. The infrastructure of Sanfort preschool is designed as per the U.K.Concepts of preschool education with vibrant colours, rich in concept and play equipment. The school has audiovisual and multimedia rooms with world-class technology-enabled teaching tools to make teaching more effective. The schools also have a mini auditorium with a small stage to conduct various events and festival celebrations. Sanfort preschool has an ample play area with swings, slides, tunnels, trampoline, splash pool and other play equipment.


What is the teacher-student ratio of Sanfort preschool?

The teachers at Sanfort preschool are well equipped and trained in early childhood education. They are highly dedicated and are very patient and understanding. The Sanfort play school has a student-teacher ratio of 10:1 which means more individual attention.

What kind of activities are children doing at Sanfort preschool?

To make children learn about different traditions and culture, Sanfort preschool celebrates most of the national and regional festivals, special days and also try to involve parents and grandparents to get participated in the events. Sanfort curriculum includes educational tours where students are taken to various places like Shopping Malls, Zoo, Doll's Museum, Post Office, Super Market etc so that they can learn by seeing, experience things around them. Also, the school organizes various academic, cultural, sports competitions like dance, fancy dress competition, clay molding, rhyme and recitation etc. The Sanfort play school has activity arcade equipped with role-playing activities in Dollhouse, jungle, concept hut, puppet corner, departmental store etc. They also take active participation in painting, storytelling, building blocks, finger painting, clay painting, scribbling, jigsaws etc.

Are meals and snacks provided at Sanfort preschool?

At Sanfort play school, nutrious mid-day meals are provided to the students consists of one fresh seasonal fruit and one soft meal daily like kheer, vermicelli, custard, vegetable pulao, sandwich etc. The meal is prepared in the school in a hygienic environment using branded products to make high-quality food. Variety of meals is served during special occasions, celebrations and during picnics.

Is the school accredited and what are key achievements of Sanfort preschool?

The U.K. concept preschool chain Sanfort was launched in December 2009 and today it has grown rapidly with over 110 branches across the country. This preschool chain is partnered with Trinity College, London and the innovative curriculum of Sanfort Preschool is accredited by British Association of Early Childhood Education U.K and is also a member of Preschool Learning Alliance U.K. Sanfort preschool achieved 6 national awards within 3 years and has won more than 22 prestigious awards. It is also listed in top 100 franchise opportunities by Franchise India.

What about the tuition fees and other fee structure of Sanfort Preschool?

The official website of Sanfort does not mention anything about Sanfort preschool fees. To get accurate information about Sanfort play school admission cost, tuition fees, the best-recommended way is to visit your nearest centre. But however, it may not always be possible and so we made some research online and see what people are saying. Prospectus charge will cost you Rs.250, registration charge is Rs.500, admission charge is Rs.4000, tuition fees is Rs.3500 per month. But do remember, this is only a rough information gathered from various sources to give you a rough idea. But we recommend you to shoot them an email to have exact information on Sanfort play school fees.

What is the admission age criteria of Sanfort preschool and what are the documents to be submitted at the time of admission?

For admission to Playgroup at Sanfort, the age group of the child should be between 1.5 to 2.5 years. For Nursery the age should be between 2.5 to 3.5 years, for LKG the age limit is 3.5 to 4.5 years and for UKG the age limit should be between 4.5 to 5.5 years. At the time of admissions, you need to submit a copy of the birth certificate of the child, three passport size photographs of the child one photograph of the parents along with one passport size photograph of the visitor who would be responsible for collecting the child from the school other than the parents.

Got something special to tell us about Sanfort play school?

Have you enrolled your child at Sanfort preschool? Then you must have some experience and information about admission fees, tuition fees etc. Please help your fellow parents by posting a comment below and let others know the fee structure of your local Sanfort play school!


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