Educhamps preschool review: Fee structure, curriculum, admission age criteria

Educhamps Preschool LogoIt's the season of school admissions and for many parents, one of the most daunting tasks they face is to go through the process of choosing the best preschool for the child. Here is a review of Educhamps play school one of the top preschools in Bangalore. So read on to find out about Educhamps fee structure, the method of teaching, student-teacher ratio, curriculum and other details you might be looking for.

What is the educational philosophy or teaching method of Educhamps preschool and what kind of activities are children doing at Educhamps?

The curriculum of Educhamps preschool is planned appropriately for the age span of the children so that the concepts are understood. The Educhamps preschool follows both playway and Montessori method of teaching. The Educhamps five principles of teaching are as follows.

1. Physical and intellectual development through games - Learning made simple and fascinating through indoor and outdoor games conducted in a colourful environment, activities like running, jumping, swing, slide, sea saw, sand pit, water pool, educational games, threading the beads, assorting, assembling, playing toys with Montessori play items helps them to develop their creative, intellectual congenial and social skills.

2. Creative skills & individual development: Children are encouraged to express their ideas in the forms of arts & crafts like thumb, hand & vegetable painting, drawing, and painting, paper cutting, folding and sticking, clay & sand modeling etc. Through individual development they learn time sense, discipline, cleanliness, helping at home, respecting elders, confidence building, self-protection, learning with trial & error methods.


3. Psychosocial & Cultural development: Under psychosocial development the children are introduced on how to celebrate festivals, making them participate in cultural events, excursion to the marketplace, moral stories & group games. Under cultural development, the kids learn Indian mythology stories, patriotism through songs and stories, exposure to present past India, sloka bhajans and devotional songs thereby creating an awareness about our country, heritage, and culture and develop a sense of patriotism towards our nation.

4. Reading & writing development: Reading skills includes picture cards & flashcards, comparison to natural surroundings, phonetic sounds of animals, birds etc, recognition of shapes and colors. Writing & learning skills include alphabet chart learning, practical oriented alphabet worksheet & assignment, number & big small, free handwriting.

5. Language & communication development: Children's improve their vocabulary through rhymes & Songs, and stories and dramas help them to enhance their language and communication skills.

All the above learning models of Educhamps play school makes the learning fun and joy for the children.

What is the teacher-student ratio of Educhamps preschool?

The teachers at Educhamps are too friendly and well trained in early childhood education. The school has a student-teacher ratio of 10:1 which means more individual attention.

What about the tuition fees and other fee structure of Educhamps Preschool?

The fee structure for Educhamps is not available online on their official website. It says that the fees will be discussed at the time of admission process. So to get accurate information on Educhamps play school admission cost, tuition fees, the best-recommended way is to visit your nearest center. Through some parents, we came to know that the approximate fees are Rs.3000 per month. But we recommend you to shoot them an email to have exact information on Educhamp play school fees.

What is the admission age criteria of Educhamp preschool?

The admission age limit for Educhamps playschool as on June is 1 year 6 months, for Nursery 2 years 6 months, for LKG 3 years 6 months, for UKG 4 years 6 months.

Got something special to tell us about Educhamps play school?

Have you enrolled your child at Educhamps preschool? Then you must have some experience and information about admission fees, tuition fees etc. Please help your fellow parents by posting a comment below and let others know the fee structure of your nearest Educhamps play school!


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