Junior DPS Preschool: Fees, curriculum, admission process, prospectus

Junior DPS PreschoolDelhi Public School as a brand needs no introduction. Junior DPS is the commitment of the same brand towards future generations who will some day shoulder the responsibilities of our country. If you are thinking about enrolling your child to the Junior DPS preschool, you must be thinking about what are the fees, what is the structure of the curriculum, what is the admission procedure, where to get the admission brochure or prospectus etc. Gathering all these information is a cumbersome task so here we are to help you. Keep reading this article to know more about Junior DPS Preschool fees structure, admission procedure, Junior DPS curriculum, and so on.

Junior DPS Preschool fees structure

There is no fixed fee structure for Junior DPS preschool. In fact, the company operates in a franchise model and the franchisees themselves are not allowed to decide the fees structure. Depending on the location in which the school is situated and several other factors, the company decides the fees for the concerned franchise unit preschool. So it is not possible to provide Junior DPS preschool fees structure break-up details without knowing about the particular school in a particular location.


Junior DPS curriculum, syllabus, prospectus

Junior DPS seeks to provide your child with an atmosphere where the child can grow up learning while having fun at the same time. A preschool is the place where the child, for the first time in live, spends time away from the parents: which is quite a significant step both for the child and the parents. Hence, the goals is to provide a safe, hygienic and engaging environment where the child can learn through experience and reflection on doing through scientifically designed games and toys. Since learning needs to be wholesome, the curriculum of Junior DPS preschool goes beyond just reading, writing, and counting numbers. Singing, dancing, and exploring play activities are also part of the curriculum. There are four classes namely Play Group, Nursery, KG-1 and KG-2, where various activities as part of the curriculum take place, including yoga, dance and music classes, personality development, spoken English classes, art and craft classes, moral education and so on. Want to know how to download the prospectus of Junior DPS preschool? Go to the official website and you can get it from the footer links.

What are the documents required for admission in Junior DPS preschool?

The Junior DPS preschool admission documents are duly filled in admission form which can be obtained from the official website of the Junior DPS preschool, 6 photographs of the child in an envelope, parent photographs 2 sets, residential address proof, Birth Certificate issued by the MCD/appropriate authority (both original and photocopy), Fee receipt in case of sibling, Affidavit in case of First Child or Girl Child, and Medical fitness certificate which will show the records of the immunization given to the child.

Junior DPS preschool address, phone number, email address

Head Office Address
B3/39, Janakpuri,
Next to : Andhra Education Society
New Delhi - 110058

Telephone number 011-27177771, 011-49122557
Mobile number +91-7065534441, +91-9560740127
Email address info@juniordps.com


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