What are the best preschools / play schools in India for your kids?

Championship Cup ClipartPreschools or Play Schools in India are one of the fastest growing sectors. Over the last decades, the total number of preschool franchise brands in India have multiplied such an astonishing rate, that it is often very difficult for parents to choose the best preschool for their children. Here we are trying to make an alphabetical list of some of the best play schools, nursery, and kindergarten schools in India.

Our criteria of choosing the best preschools of India

The task is not easy, though, to select a few chosen brands out of the hundreds of preschools currently in operation. However, we tried to consider the following factors while helping you select the best preschool for your child. They are:

  • Years of operation: We prioritised the brands that are running the show for quite some time now. That does not necessarily mean that the emerging brands of preschools in India are incapable; they are just to be tasted by time yet.
  • Magnitude of presence: We prioritised preschools that have large number of branches across the country. Not only this indicates their skyrocketing popularity among the parents; it also facilities intercity and inter-branch transfers if need be.
  • Media presence: A significant media presence including commercials in web and print media indicates that the schools take their business very seriously. This is a healthy sign both for the parents and the franchisees alike.
  • Public opinion: We enquired our friends and relatives to find out which preschools they consider the best. We relied on their personal experiences, words of mouth, and hearsay; as we believe all these contribute to the impact factor of a certain school and indicate the significance of its presence. We did an extensive online research to find out which brands people are upvoting in web forums. And yes, we scanned the web for consumer complaints and negative feedbacks as well. The less of them, the better!

Why not a list of top ten preschools in India?

We refrained from compiling any merit list like Top Ten Preschools or Play schools in India, or zone-based selections, like Best Play Schools in Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar etc. This is because we think it is impossible to make a comprehensive merit list. Every reputed school has some reason behind its reputation; it is unique by some way or other. Trying to compare competitive schools, therefore, is like trying to compare a mango with an apple and deciding which one is better. We therefore thought it is best to compile a comprehensive list of some of the best preschools in India, and let you have the liberty of choosing one from the list for your child. It is simply a matter of your personal choices and priorities.

Given below is an alphabetical (not in order of relative merit) list of institutions we considered the best franchise preschool chains of our country.


EuroKids Preschool LogoEuroKids is a premier preschool chain of India, operating nearly 900 preschools in 311 cities and towns across the country. The school was founded in 2001, so they have come a long way to prove their mettle.

For more information such as the age limit for admission in EuroKids, fee structure, syllabus, documents required during enrollment etc., take a look at our review of EuroKids preschool. If you are an entrepreneur, here is how you start EuroKids preschool franchise business.


Kidzee Preschool LogoKidzee is the largest preschool chain in the entire Asia. In India alone, they have more than 1500 centers in over 550 cities across the country. Considering just the magnitude, it has to be included in any list of leading play schools.

You can read more about the curriculum, age criteria, and syllabus in our Kidzee Preschool Review. Also, take a look at their fee structure. If you are an entrepreneur, you may consider opening a Kidzee franchise preschool.


Time Kids preschool logoWant to enroll your child in Time Kids? Thinking about starting a Time Kids franchise? It can be a really good play school for both parents and franchisees as it is backed by the T.I.M.E. group with their 23 years of experience in professional education and career guidance industry. Time Kids is one of the fastest growing preschool franchise chains in India, and the best thing about it is its very low start up cost.

Read more about Time Kids syllabus, fees structure, age limit for admission and other details in our Review of Time Kids preschool. For entrepreneurs, we have an article on Time Kids franchise opportunities.

A bigger list of all preschools in India reviewed by us

Just in case you are interested, here is an even bigger list of the best preschools in India.

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