How to start your own preschool business in India?

To business, or not to business? Starting a preschool in India is indeed a very profitable business idea with minimum investment; the early child education sector of our country has been one of the most booming and thriving industries in the past two decades. The preschool businesses had a spectacular and are still riding towards further growth and development. However, while opening a preschool may be a lucrative business idea, it is not a typical business at all. Ethics and sincerity play pivotal roles here. When you are starting your own preschool business, you are volunteering on your shoulder the responsibility of numerous future citizens of India. Your primary duty is to shape their future through love, care, and trained nurturing; maximizing your profits and calculating CAGR come second in a preschool business. If you think you are as morally prepared to open your own preschool business as academically and financially, welcome to read further.

Should you start own preschool brand, or take franchise of a renowned brand?

Both are proven routes to success. While starting your own preschool means you do not have to share the profit with anyone, it is a lot of hard work. Some serious research has to be done regarding the area and the scope of your enterprise. Finalizing costs, renting or purchasing the property (if you do not open the preschool in your own house or an already-owned premise), investment on equipments like furniture and teaching aids, as well as initial marketing to let your startup have some momentum are the primary jobs. Next you have to work on the curriculum and its proper exercise. Gradual build-up of your brand image and reputation consist of the third. Remember, you are competing with some of the biggest MNCs for market share. Needless to say, all these are tough jobs where seasoned entrepreneurs are more likely to excel.

Taking the franchise route may prove easier for starters because you get consistent help in every stage of setting up your business: from finalizing the premise to supply of furniture and equipment, curriculum development, training of the staff, and so on. Most importantly, you do not have to bother at all about publicizing your brand image; the already reputed franchise preschool chain has dedicated teams of marketing professionals working towards better businesses for the franchisor and the franchisee alike.

Starting your own preschool business in India

So, you have thinking about starting your own preschool. Congratulations! While we do not offer any direct consultancy service, we can tell you how to set up a preschool business in India, legal processes and requirements involving preschool business, how to do your research, things you should consider and much more. Here are some links on starting preschool business that you might just find handy!

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